WJETech Spa (we push from the inside)







Wjetech Spa is a technological startup founded October 2019 initially funded by Corfo (Chilean economic development agency) and micro investors.


We offer a practical propellantless propulsion system to the aerospace community, the Fluid Space Drive.


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The combination of the pandemic that canceled the 2020 FIDAE where we were to be present in the Space Technology pavilion and almost 8 months of on-off lock-downs  has delayed progress in presenting our propulsion proposal to the public, but we have adapted (as has everybody else) to the new circumstances and made important developments.

We have directly contracted parties interested in the Fluid Space Drive.

We have developed new products that will be available in 2021-2022 in direct B2B to the aerospace community.

At this moment we have changed the design priority for the Fluid Space Drive, instead of trying to find the most efficient design possible, we are working on making the SMALLEST working model so as to fit in a Cubesat by 2022-2023.

To this end we are contacting suppliers and developing strategic alliances.


William J. Elliott Somerville founder

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